Keeping Your Elders Season-Safe

As the weather conditions continuously become unstable, aging bodies become more and more vulnerable to the effects each day. Especially during scorching heats of summer and harsh winter, extreme conditions may lead to various effects on the body.

Alerts are even more raised for the young and the young-at-heart and Golden Arch Home Healthcare LLC, a provider of home care services in Redlands California, is here to help. We offer you these important preventive measures to keep your elders season-safe:

  1. Stay updated

Weather reports are very useful especially with bad weather around. You can also give your elders battery-powered radios so that they can also be aware of weather updates. Consider knowing when the huge storms will arise and how much it will affect your place; from this information, you would be able to know what you are preparing for and what you can actually do.

  1. Have enough food storage

In case the power is out and communication is put down temporarily for safety concerns. They should have drinkable water, dried/canned food (w/ can opener) good for three days should be stocked in an emergency container for the bad weather. If your seniors have pets, might as well, get some stock of their food too. Make sure these are not perishable goods and that they can stay out long without refrigeration.

  1. Plan out an emergency plan

You can plan out an emergency plan with your provider of home care services in Redlands California especially for bad weather conditions that might make it difficult to get to your caregiver. It is better to have a healthcare professional assist you in the safest way possible in these difficult times.

  1. Keep in touch with a neighbor

It is better that you can also communicate with a close neighbor or relative nearby the neighborhood of your elders when weather conditions go wrong. This is very much helpful especially when emergencies arise like power blackout and they have no means of communication to contact you.

  1. Find alternative to supply medical needs

On a bad weather condition, elders are advised to stay indoors; hence, they might run out of medical supplies and food stock. If you can find companies that can deliver these at the doorstep of your elders’ house the better. You can also talk with your provider of home care services in Redlands California on how you can deal this matter.

  1. Prepare season-designed clothing

Your elderly loved ones should have the right clothing for the right season so that the weather might give lesser impact on their fragile bodies. Apparels like a scarf, gloves and tread shoes might help them stay comfortable in the winter season. Light and loose clothing can be good for summer.

We, at Golden Arch Home Healthcare LLC, are the best of the best of home care services in Redlands California! Contact our professionals today to experience how we can provide you with the quality home health care that you deserve!


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