WHY CHOOSE Golden Arch Home Healthcare LLC?

In taking care for an elderly, “there’s no place like home.” Most people with aging needs and attention have a string desire to love in their homes as long as possible. Families share this desire. Paradoxically, the home is often the best of places and the worst of places for senior care.

The major benefit of home care is that the care is provided by a familiar place by familiar people. Home care can be economical, particularly if paid in-home caregivers are needed only occasionally. Routines can be maintained. Seniors can enjoy a familiar chair, wear all of their favorite clothes, play with the neighborhood cats or dogs, and feel safe and secure. The elders living at home is still in the community and much more likely to see old friends and participate in their much-anticipated community events.

The major drawback to home care is that it is most often provided by the spouse, who may alone have to give care that is physically and emotionally stressful. The caregiver may not be able to cope with all of the demands of home care. Other drawbacks to home care include safety concerns when unfamiliar health care providers come into the home, the lack of services in some communities, transportation problems in rural areas, and the expense of in-home care when more help is needed. For example, 24-hour in-home care is almost always more expensive than institutional care.

Here’s the thing, though… With Golden Arch Home Healthcare LLC’s homecare services in Redlands California, you and your seniors can greatly benefit from our comprehensive assistance.

  • SERVED ONLY BY EXPERT CAREGIVERS. Don’t have any experiences in caregiving? Are you exhausted from caring for a loved one at home? Are you missing a lot on your lives due to caregiving? Let one of Golden Arch Home Healthcare LLC’s caregivers free you from all the stress. Our experts have served several families in California. Armed with experience and skills, they are your trusted partners in delivering quality of care for your elders at home.
  • DEPENDABLE PARTNERS OF CARE. We wish to make the caring experience as safe, reliable and enjoyable as possible for you and your loved ones. There’s nothing more reassuring than knowing your loved ones are being cared for by trusted healthcare partners. You can count on our homecare services in Redlands California, safe in the knowledge that only skilled professionals are working with your loved ones. They have undergone a meticulous hiring and training process to help preserve the integrity of our services.
  • AFFORDABLE CARE. In a world where every commodity has an anxious-causing price to pay, insuring your loved ones with quality care at home is an exception. Golden Arch Home Healthcare LLC’s homecare services in Redlands California have all the care your seniors need – on a price you can’t refuse.

Comfort? Check. Reliability? Check. Affordability? Check. Quality of care? Super check. Golden Arch Home Healthcare LLC eliminates all the drawbacks of home care. Give your loved ones their deserved care at home with Golden Arch Home Healthcare LLC’s homecare services in Redlands California. Please call us at 909-764-9431 for more information.


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