Stroke in the Elderly: Prevention

Golden Arch Home Healthcare LLC specializes at providing homecare services in Redlands California and this includes caring for stroke patients. We know stroke is hard to cope with so we are here to assist you and care for you in your daily living.

There are quite a number of ways with which you can prevent the disease from ruining your life again and we will discuss these stroke prevention methods one by one:

  • Changing one’s lifestyle
    If you have read one of our blogs, we have discussed the factors which can contribute to one’s risk of having stroke. One of the risks listed in that blog is having a poor and unhealthy lifestyle. Changing your unhealthy habits to a new one does not hurt and it can even boost the performance of your body.People who have suffered from stroke and have survived from it took steps to change their habits which are bad for them. The following are some of the steps they have taken:

    • Eating healthier
    • Exercising
    • Limiting alcohol intake
    • Limiting salt intake
    • Maintaining a good weight
    • Quitting smoking
  • Taking medications
    Our homecare services in Redlands California include reminding patients to take the medications the doctors prescribed them to take. Physicians can recommend medications that are beneficial for those with a high risk of experiencing stroke. Let us explore some drugs that are saving the lives of stroke survivors:

    • Anti-platelet drugs – keeps the platelets in one’s blood from forming clots and sticking together
    • Anti-clotting drugs – helps in protect stroke patients against the disease
    • Medication for high bold pressure – one of the causes of stroke is having high blood pressure
  • Having surgery
    Carotid endarterectomy can be of great help to people who have experienced a mild stroke or otherwise known as TIA. This involves removing the plaque that blocks the flow of blood to the brain from the lining of a stroke patient’s carotid arteries. It aids in putting a stop to additional strokes in the near future.
  • Considering angioplasty
    If you do not like the idea of surgery, there is another option for you and this procedure is called angioplasty. The method includes the temporary insertion of a catheter into the patient’s artery and a tiny balloon is inflated so as to spread or expand the narrowed area that was blocked by plaque. After which, a stent (metal tube) is inserted and left thus keeping the artery open.

A lot of stroke patients have survives and lived a well deserved life after the stroke with the help of family and friends and also providers of our homecare services in Redlands California.

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