Getting Smart With Osteoarthritis in the Elderly

Osteoarthritis is a deteriorating joint condition when the cartilage or cushion between joints breaks down leading to stiffness, discomfort, and inflammation. Studies show that this type of arthritis is progressive especially on fast pace if left untreated and about 27 million are gradually affected by the chronic condition of the joints

Osteoarthritis occurs often in the knees, neck, hips, lower back, small joints of the fingers and bases of the thumb and big toe. Supposedly, the cartilage brings a smooth, gliding surface for joint motion providing a “cushion-like” purpose between the bones. There is an incessant breaking down of the cartilage, however, with osteoarthritis; and eventually, bones break down and develop bone spurs that cause the pain and loss.

There is still no cure. Conversely, it is liberatingly known that this condition can be successfully manageable. Golden Arch Home Healthcare LLC, a consistent provider of homecare services in Redlands California sees that if you are able to manage the symptoms, the more effects can be less painful in many instances. Here’s what you can do to cope up osteoarthritis.

Develop an exercise daily routine
Ask about an exercise plan from your elder’s provider of homecare services in Redlands California with the consent/approval of their doctor. They can endorse physical therapy or a general exercise plan to help ease the pain the goes along with this ailment. Exercise can do so many effects for your elderly individual—reinforce the muscles around the problematic joints and make the joints attain and maintain its elasticity.

Have the case-appropriate diet
When we say “case-appropriate”, we mean that your diet tends to the needs of your condition. Since we are dealing with Osteoarthritis, consult your doctor or dietician for the right meals for your body. Ask help from your provider of homecare services in Redlands California for the overall management—planning, preparation, and cleanup.

Make use of heat and cold compression
Ice packs and heating packets can be your loved ones’ ally when the pain of osteoarthritis is burning up. Upon doctor’s approval, alternate heat and cold for best results. Sopping in a warm tub can also be useful. These types of treatments can be done daily or on an as-needed basis when his/her joints are more painful than usual.

Be equipped with the appropriate helping devices
Anything that helps your loved one’s life to be a little bit easier can already benefit them. Look for items that can make dealing with arthritis pain relaxed. Non-slip knobs, elevated toilet seat, grabber or bars to help the older person keep a grip on something. Work with your caregiver in planning out the right assistive devices for each issue.

If you have an aging loved one in need of elderly care today, call Golden Arch Home Healthcare LLC today! We are the finest provider of homecare services in Redlands California!


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