Seniors vs. Smoking: The Rewards of Stopping

No matter what age you are; the efforts of quitting bad habits such as smoking is worth it. Most of us assume that it is impossible to change old habits especially at the later stage of our lives. And for older people who smoke, the idea of quitting may seem more pointless since most people who have not felt the serious health effects of smoking feel “invincible”.

Nevertheless, these beliefs are all false since smoking has been proven to be harmful for every age and most especially for older people if they continue to smoke. The disease consequence of smoking occurs disproportionately among the elderly because of the duration and cumulatively-dependent factors.

Smoking can greatly impact the aging process through these areas:

  • Yellow teeth
  • Gum disease
  • Falling out of teeth
  • Wrinkles
  • Damaged vocal chords
  • “Smoker’s cough”
  • Inflamed eyes
  • Overall tired, older appearance

Golden Arch Home Healthcare LLC, where patients seek for homecare services in Redlands California, believes that as the elderly population increases worldwide; the social, economic, and health costs of smoking will also continue to rise. And only those older adults who experience more psychological distress and fewer health concerns are more likely to try to stop smoking, which we do not want to happen to your elderly loved ones.

Studies and scientists have concluded that older people—event those who have smoked for over 30 years—can reap the benefits of quitting the habit of smoking. When you quit smoking within:

  • 20 minutes – Your pulse rate, blood pressure, and temperature returns to normal mode
  • 8 hours – The nicotine level in your blood decrease to 6.25% of normal peak daily levels
  • 12 hours – Your body’s carbon monoxide and blood oxygen levels have reached it normal levels
  • 24 hours – Your anxiety levels have already reached in intensity
  • 48 hours – Your damaged nerve endings start to regrow; your senses (smell and taste) are beginning to return to normal; cessation anger and irritability have peaked
  • 72 hours – Your body will test 100% nicotine-free.

Stopping smoking lets your breathe more easily because it improves your lung capacity by up to 10% within 9 months. As the lung capacity diminishes with age, your earlier years may not show the effects but in the later years, you might find yourself wheezing when you go for a walk or climb the stairs.

It also gives you more energy. Within 2-12 weeks of stopping from smoking, your blood circulation improves making all physical activity, like running and walking, much easier. Increased physical ability will give a boost to your immune system making it easier to fight off viruses and diseases.

It improves fertility. If you would notice the pattern, non-smokers usually find it easier to get pregnant. The cessation improves the lining of the womb making men’s sperm more potent. This also improves the chances of giving birth to a healthy baby.

Get help to stop smoking today! Call Golden Arch Home Healthcare LLC today for more information and assistance! We provide the trusted quality of homecare services in Redlands California!


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