Seniors vs. Smoking: The Rewards of Stopping

No matter what age you are; the efforts of quitting bad habits such as smoking is worth it. Most of us assume that it is impossible to change old habits especially at the later stage of our lives. And for older people who smoke, the idea of quitting may seem more pointless since most people who have not felt the serious health effects of smoking feel “invincible”.

Nevertheless, these beliefs are all false since smoking has been proven to be harmful for every age and most especially for older people if they continue to smoke. The disease consequence of smoking occurs disproportionately among the elderly because of the duration and cumulatively-dependent factors.

Smoking can greatly impact the aging process through these areas:

  • Yellow teeth
  • Gum disease
  • Falling out of teeth
  • Wrinkles
  • Damaged vocal chords
  • “Smoker’s cough”
  • Inflamed eyes
  • Overall tired, older appearance

Golden Arch Home Healthcare LLC, where patients seek for homecare services in Redlands California, believes that as the elderly population increases worldwide; the social, economic, and health costs of smoking will also continue to rise. And only those older adults who experience more psychological distress and fewer health concerns are more likely to try to stop smoking, which we do not want to happen to your elderly loved ones.

Studies and scientists have concluded that older people—event those who have smoked for over 30 years—can reap the benefits of quitting the habit of smoking. When you quit smoking within:

  • 20 minutes – Your pulse rate, blood pressure, and temperature returns to normal mode
  • 8 hours – The nicotine level in your blood decrease to 6.25% of normal peak daily levels
  • 12 hours – Your body’s carbon monoxide and blood oxygen levels have reached it normal levels
  • 24 hours – Your anxiety levels have already reached in intensity
  • 48 hours – Your damaged nerve endings start to regrow; your senses (smell and taste) are beginning to return to normal; cessation anger and irritability have peaked
  • 72 hours – Your body will test 100% nicotine-free.

Stopping smoking lets your breathe more easily because it improves your lung capacity by up to 10% within 9 months. As the lung capacity diminishes with age, your earlier years may not show the effects but in the later years, you might find yourself wheezing when you go for a walk or climb the stairs.

It also gives you more energy. Within 2-12 weeks of stopping from smoking, your blood circulation improves making all physical activity, like running and walking, much easier. Increased physical ability will give a boost to your immune system making it easier to fight off viruses and diseases.

It improves fertility. If you would notice the pattern, non-smokers usually find it easier to get pregnant. The cessation improves the lining of the womb making men’s sperm more potent. This also improves the chances of giving birth to a healthy baby.

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Getting Smart With Osteoarthritis in the Elderly

Osteoarthritis is a deteriorating joint condition when the cartilage or cushion between joints breaks down leading to stiffness, discomfort, and inflammation. Studies show that this type of arthritis is progressive especially on fast pace if left untreated and about 27 million are gradually affected by the chronic condition of the joints

Osteoarthritis occurs often in the knees, neck, hips, lower back, small joints of the fingers and bases of the thumb and big toe. Supposedly, the cartilage brings a smooth, gliding surface for joint motion providing a “cushion-like” purpose between the bones. There is an incessant breaking down of the cartilage, however, with osteoarthritis; and eventually, bones break down and develop bone spurs that cause the pain and loss.

There is still no cure. Conversely, it is liberatingly known that this condition can be successfully manageable. Golden Arch Home Healthcare LLC, a consistent provider of homecare services in Redlands California sees that if you are able to manage the symptoms, the more effects can be less painful in many instances. Here’s what you can do to cope up osteoarthritis.

Develop an exercise daily routine
Ask about an exercise plan from your elder’s provider of homecare services in Redlands California with the consent/approval of their doctor. They can endorse physical therapy or a general exercise plan to help ease the pain the goes along with this ailment. Exercise can do so many effects for your elderly individual—reinforce the muscles around the problematic joints and make the joints attain and maintain its elasticity.

Have the case-appropriate diet
When we say “case-appropriate”, we mean that your diet tends to the needs of your condition. Since we are dealing with Osteoarthritis, consult your doctor or dietician for the right meals for your body. Ask help from your provider of homecare services in Redlands California for the overall management—planning, preparation, and cleanup.

Make use of heat and cold compression
Ice packs and heating packets can be your loved ones’ ally when the pain of osteoarthritis is burning up. Upon doctor’s approval, alternate heat and cold for best results. Sopping in a warm tub can also be useful. These types of treatments can be done daily or on an as-needed basis when his/her joints are more painful than usual.

Be equipped with the appropriate helping devices
Anything that helps your loved one’s life to be a little bit easier can already benefit them. Look for items that can make dealing with arthritis pain relaxed. Non-slip knobs, elevated toilet seat, grabber or bars to help the older person keep a grip on something. Work with your caregiver in planning out the right assistive devices for each issue.

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Dealing with Parkinson’s disease

Parkinson’s disease will change your life forever, however it does not all have to be negative because there is always a silver lining to even the worst situations that we have to deal with. Even when you have a challenging time dealing with life and just doing the basic things like getting dressed, there are some fine homecare services in Redlands California like Golden Arch Home Healthcare LLC which can help you out. It is possible to live a normal life even with Parkinson’s disease, so keep your chin up and stay positive.

The Daily Struggle

There is no arguing that Parkinson’s disease can make life a lot more difficult but it does not have to put a halt to your life. Thanks to advancements in medication and for superb homecare services in Redlands California you can continue living life and enjoying every minute of it. Golden Arch Home Healthcare LLC focuses on giving you your independence back and this means the world to so much people with this tragic condition.

It is Not the End

Many people become devastated when they learn they have Parkinson’s disease, and this is understandable. However, there is still hope thanks to Golden Arch Home Healthcare LLC and other homecare services in Redlands California because we offer services that will help get you back on your own two feet and learn how to make the most out of your condition. It is easy to see your illness as a curse but it does not have to hold you back and we have the professionals and the experts to help you regain that normal life you want.

Homecare services can help out so many people out there, whether they are suffering from Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, missing limbs, or they are just getting too old. It does not matter because at Golden Arch Home Healthcare LLC we have the capabilities to provide everyone with the best opportunities and care to ensure you are living the best life possible. If this is something that interests you then you may learn more by calling us at 909-764-9431.

Stroke in the Elderly: Prevention

Golden Arch Home Healthcare LLC specializes at providing homecare services in Redlands California and this includes caring for stroke patients. We know stroke is hard to cope with so we are here to assist you and care for you in your daily living.

There are quite a number of ways with which you can prevent the disease from ruining your life again and we will discuss these stroke prevention methods one by one:

  • Changing one’s lifestyle
    If you have read one of our blogs, we have discussed the factors which can contribute to one’s risk of having stroke. One of the risks listed in that blog is having a poor and unhealthy lifestyle. Changing your unhealthy habits to a new one does not hurt and it can even boost the performance of your body.People who have suffered from stroke and have survived from it took steps to change their habits which are bad for them. The following are some of the steps they have taken:

    • Eating healthier
    • Exercising
    • Limiting alcohol intake
    • Limiting salt intake
    • Maintaining a good weight
    • Quitting smoking
  • Taking medications
    Our homecare services in Redlands California include reminding patients to take the medications the doctors prescribed them to take. Physicians can recommend medications that are beneficial for those with a high risk of experiencing stroke. Let us explore some drugs that are saving the lives of stroke survivors:

    • Anti-platelet drugs – keeps the platelets in one’s blood from forming clots and sticking together
    • Anti-clotting drugs – helps in protect stroke patients against the disease
    • Medication for high bold pressure – one of the causes of stroke is having high blood pressure
  • Having surgery
    Carotid endarterectomy can be of great help to people who have experienced a mild stroke or otherwise known as TIA. This involves removing the plaque that blocks the flow of blood to the brain from the lining of a stroke patient’s carotid arteries. It aids in putting a stop to additional strokes in the near future.
  • Considering angioplasty
    If you do not like the idea of surgery, there is another option for you and this procedure is called angioplasty. The method includes the temporary insertion of a catheter into the patient’s artery and a tiny balloon is inflated so as to spread or expand the narrowed area that was blocked by plaque. After which, a stent (metal tube) is inserted and left thus keeping the artery open.

A lot of stroke patients have survives and lived a well deserved life after the stroke with the help of family and friends and also providers of our homecare services in Redlands California.

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Seniors are the epitome of selfless love. Their age never hinders them from taking care of their kids and grandchildren. They even render kindness to strangers, or even to their pets at home. Inasmuch as they indiscriminately render care to everyone, such concern must also be reciprocated. With their current health condition, they need the natural therapy of care to get them through every day.

Motivates longevity. With care from family and friends, seniors feel their existence is still important. It motivates them to take their medicine on time, to regularly visit their doctors despite the constant fear of possible bad health news. Also, compassion and care from others motivate them to holistically improve themselves. There is no room for depression or tantrums because they feel secured with the support team’s companionship. More so, if they have caregivers or private nurses at home, they feel motivated to reciprocate professional care through conscientiously following the Care Plan specifically designed for their betterment. With the best support team around, seniors are eager to maximize their quality of life.

Unexpected kindness. Seniors are past the point of caring for societal conflicts and other external factors. All they want is serenity, more so kindness. Hence, they are a lot grateful when they experience the latter, like when seniors will not be charged with professional fees because of the doctor’s generosity. Another is when care givers do their task in accordance with their assessed care plan, but due to their innate compassion, they may even extend their time in rendering services to make sure seniors are always comfortable.

Regains independence. Seniors back then can chop woods, water the plants, repair the broken door, or even do the usual washing of plates and clothes. They can even multitask to save time. Now, due to loss of physical strength, they can never be quick in doing these chores as before. They need the assistance of caregivers, private nurses, home health aide, and therapists to gradually regain mobility at home. Specifically, they help in managing medication, pain and even the daily discomforts felt by seniors. Optimum care from professionals coupled with seniors’ efforts is the prefect formula to regain the latter’s independence, which is never impossible despite old age.

While care from family and friends is important, still supplementary care from Golden Arch Home Healthcare LLC is also recommended. Our homecare services in Redlands California offer Personal Care, Companionship, Stroke Patient Care etc. Our homecare services in Redlands California assure high quality home care from our professionals imbued with stricter standards. Trust our gained reputation, experience our homecare services in Redlands California now, or check us online for details.

WHY CHOOSE Golden Arch Home Healthcare LLC?

In taking care for an elderly, “there’s no place like home.” Most people with aging needs and attention have a string desire to love in their homes as long as possible. Families share this desire. Paradoxically, the home is often the best of places and the worst of places for senior care.

The major benefit of home care is that the care is provided by a familiar place by familiar people. Home care can be economical, particularly if paid in-home caregivers are needed only occasionally. Routines can be maintained. Seniors can enjoy a familiar chair, wear all of their favorite clothes, play with the neighborhood cats or dogs, and feel safe and secure. The elders living at home is still in the community and much more likely to see old friends and participate in their much-anticipated community events.

The major drawback to home care is that it is most often provided by the spouse, who may alone have to give care that is physically and emotionally stressful. The caregiver may not be able to cope with all of the demands of home care. Other drawbacks to home care include safety concerns when unfamiliar health care providers come into the home, the lack of services in some communities, transportation problems in rural areas, and the expense of in-home care when more help is needed. For example, 24-hour in-home care is almost always more expensive than institutional care.

Here’s the thing, though… With Golden Arch Home Healthcare LLC’s homecare services in Redlands California, you and your seniors can greatly benefit from our comprehensive assistance.

  • SERVED ONLY BY EXPERT CAREGIVERS. Don’t have any experiences in caregiving? Are you exhausted from caring for a loved one at home? Are you missing a lot on your lives due to caregiving? Let one of Golden Arch Home Healthcare LLC’s caregivers free you from all the stress. Our experts have served several families in California. Armed with experience and skills, they are your trusted partners in delivering quality of care for your elders at home.
  • DEPENDABLE PARTNERS OF CARE. We wish to make the caring experience as safe, reliable and enjoyable as possible for you and your loved ones. There’s nothing more reassuring than knowing your loved ones are being cared for by trusted healthcare partners. You can count on our homecare services in Redlands California, safe in the knowledge that only skilled professionals are working with your loved ones. They have undergone a meticulous hiring and training process to help preserve the integrity of our services.
  • AFFORDABLE CARE. In a world where every commodity has an anxious-causing price to pay, insuring your loved ones with quality care at home is an exception. Golden Arch Home Healthcare LLC’s homecare services in Redlands California have all the care your seniors need – on a price you can’t refuse.

Comfort? Check. Reliability? Check. Affordability? Check. Quality of care? Super check. Golden Arch Home Healthcare LLC eliminates all the drawbacks of home care. Give your loved ones their deserved care at home with Golden Arch Home Healthcare LLC’s homecare services in Redlands California. Please call us at 909-764-9431 for more information.

Basic First Aid Skills

Learning basic first aid skills can potentially help you save a life. This is very important especially when caring for senior adults at home. They are most vulnerable and in need of constant attention and assistance. A simple procedure can potentially save a life or increase their chances of surviving until professional medical help arrives. We at Golden Arch Homecare services in Redlands California have personnel who are well-equipped, trained and knowledgeable when it comes to first aid skills. As many senior adults have chosen to age gracefully in their own homes, they realize that the best option for them is home health care. Our homecare services in Redlands California take away the stress and pressures of finding the right match for you or your loved ones home caregiving needs.

As for ensuring the health and safety of your loved ones, we at Golden Arch Homecare services in Redlands California can guarantee that your loved ones are in reliable and capable hands. All our carers and nurses are trained in basic first aid. As a guide for you, we’ve listed the basic first aid procedures for emergency cases:

  1. CPR – this is the most common and known First Aid skill. This technique can potentially save the life of a person who just suffered a cardiac or respiratory arrest. Even without professional or official training, you can watch instructional videos on the procedures of CPR.
  2. Heart Attack – it is important to determine whether the person is having a cardiac arrest or just heart burn. The symptoms of a heart attack include chest pain, pressure on the neck, jaw and along the arm, nausea and paleness. When you detect that a person is potentially having a heart attack, call 911 immediately. If the person isn’t allergic to aspirin or isn’t taking other medication that could harmfully interact with it, offer the person an aspirin to prevent major damage to the heart.
  3. Choking – to help during choking incidents, the Heimlich maneuver is your life-saving option. You may have heard about it already, and you can watch an instructional video on this as well. Before performing this maneuver, try dislodging the item caught in the airway by slapping or hitting the back of the casualty in between his/her shoulder blades at least 5 times.
  4. Bleeding – when bleeding occurs, the primary goal is to immediately stop the bleeding. Before even touching the wound or site of bleeding, make sure your hands are clean. Arterial bleeding may be harder to stop so you should apply pressure to the affected artery.
  5. Burns – for simple burns, run cool water over the burnt area for 5-10 minutes. Clean the skin with a mild soap then cool the skin with a moist cloth or compress. Don’t put anything else on the burn. To minimize the pain take acetaminophen or ibuprofen. If the burn is serious, contact help or drive the casualty to the hospital immediately.
  6. Seizure – the best thing you can do is to ensure the victim doesn’t harm or hurt themselves. Do not hold the person down because this may cause further injury.
  7. Stroke – symptoms of a stroke include paralysis or numbness on some parts of the body, weakness, blurry vision, speech problems, difficulty in swallowing and loss of balance with dizziness. If a person is exhibiting any or all of these symptoms, call 911 immediately.
  8. Broken bones – if the broken bone is exposed through the skin, do not touch it, wash it nor try to put it back in. Call emergency response and wait for help to arrive. If possible, apply a temporary splint on the broken area.
  9. Nosebleed – to reduce bleeding, pinch your nostril for 10 minutes. Do not bend your head backwards since this may add blood pressure to your head. If this is a frequent occurrence, you should consult a doctor.
  10. Allergic reactions – during a severe allergic reaction, try to ask the person if he/she is responsive if they have an EpiPen or any medication used to counter the reaction.

You have the ability to save a person’s life. It is best to arm yourself with basic knowledge to help you react during life-or-death situations.