Arthritis Pain: Methods to Cope an Aching Nuisance

According to reports from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), arthritis is the most common cause of disability in America. In estimation, it affects 52.5 million adults that were diagnosed and 1 out of every 3 working adults with ages ranging from 18 to 65 years said that arthritis has caused limitation to their type of work or specific activities that they want to do. There are several coping strategies that have been established to help combat the bothersome episodic pain attacks of arthritis. It is just a matter of what actually works best for you. One of the wide-array of services that Golden Arch Home Health Care LLC aims to assist you with is pain management. We will help you reduce symptoms and engage in activities that can alleviate aches caused by arthritis.

Holding deeply the core of caring to effectively deliver an individualized plan of care for the elderly, Golden Arch Home Health Care LLC, an independent home care services in Redlands California, maintains a standardized quality of care to senior patients within the area who are in dire need of home health aides in their residence. Our home health care personnel seeks to provide assistance in managing pain and will educate you in effective measures to battle the prickling ache that arthritis can bring.

The following solutions are management techniques to elderly patients suffering from arthritis. Take a look at the do’s and don’ts below as extracted from and which Golden Arch Home Health Care LLC staff would highly vouch for.

  • Initially, it is important to get a check-up and let your doctor advise you on the necessary treatment interventions and drug therapies to be prescribed. He or she will provide you information regarding the type of arthritis you are experiencing, symptoms and the severity of the problem.
  • Do not stay in a position for too long as it can cause rigidity or stiffness of your joints. Adjust your posture from time to time.
  • Try to stand or walk every 30 minutes or so. Exercise frequently especially range of motion exercises and engage in activities that can help strengthen your muscles. Participate in low aerobic exercises, cycling and swimming. Avoid strenuous exercises!
  • Maintain a healthy weight. Being overweight or obese can create complications of arthritis and increases arthritic pain.
  • Stop smoking. The harmful chemicals present in cigarettes can cause immense stress on connective tissues. If you haven’t gone cold turkey yet, NOW is the time to do it.
  • Explore ways that can put you in a relaxed mode, try deep breathing, yoga, listening to music, meditating, or hiking and being one with nature. Massage sessions are also advisable.
  • Apply heating pads to no more than 20 minutes to aching joints. Or immerse yourself in a hot bath or shower. Regulate temperature as tolerated. In cases wherein you overworked your muscles after an exercise, use an ice pack to the affected area. As much as possible, avoid over exertion. Pace yourself and do things in moderation.

If you have not taken proper action yet to your aching joints, keep in mind the aforementioned tips to minimize your painful experiences with arthritis. Golden Arch Home Health Care LLC, home health aides will assist you in effectively performing pain management techniques that are beneficial for you. As a home care service in Redlands, California, and you happen to live in the vicinity, give us a visit Or you can contact us at 909-764-9431 to learn more about what you can expect with our home care service in Redlands, California. Our social media buttons will give you daily updates so make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest and LinkedIn!


Signs and Symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease is one of the many diseases that have taken the lives of many Americans. The number of patients diagnosed with this disease will even skyrocket in the near future for experts believe that there will come a time when Alzheimer’s will be on the top 3 most deadly disease the American populace will be suffering from now. Because of the commonality of the ailment, we would understand you if you think you have it as well. Are you suspecting of having Alzheimer’s disease?

To check if you are indeed showing indications of early Alzheimer’s, Golden Arch Home Healthcare LLC, provider of quality homecare services in Redlands California, lists out the different signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s. These symptoms are categorized into 5 and if you show a 2 or more of them, we suggest you go to your doctor to check.

So without any further ado, these are the signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s:

    • Decline in ability to accommodate new information

When a person has Alzheimer’s, they find it hard to take in and remember newly acquired information. When this happens to you, the following may be a common scenario:

      • Repeating questions or conversations
      • Misplacing your own personal belongings
      • Forgetting appointments and events
      • Getting lost while travelling on a familiar route
    • Difficulty in reasoning, making complex tasks and exercising judgment

This includes:

      • Having a hard time in understanding safety rules
      • Inability to manage one’s finances
      • Poor decision making
      • Failure in planning complex or sequential activities
    • Impairment in vision and spatial activities

This is not because of any problems in eye sight. Turns out that if a person has Alzheimer’s, the region on his or her brain that contributes to processing the images they see will be affected. Persons having this problem will:

      • Be unable to recognize faces
      • Have an incapability in distinguishing common objects
      • Not be able to find objects which are just in direct view
      • Have a difficulty in operating simple implements
      • Find orienting one’s clothing to the body harder than usual
    • Difficulty in speaking, reading and writing

Even though the person is a full pledged educated individual, Alzheimer’s impairs a person’s brain and it progresses until it can affect daily tasks. Thus reading, writing and speaking will become hard tasks. If the following occurred to you, then this is a warning sign that you will likely suffer from the disease:

-Hesitations in speaking
-Not being able to remember common words
-Errors in:

    • Speech
    • Writing
    • Spelling
  • Having changes in personality and behavior such as:
  • Out-of-character mood changes
  • Agitation
  • Less interest on hobbies
  • Lack of motivation
  • Apathy
  • Being short of initiative
  • Social withdrawal
  • Loss of empathy
  • Compulsiveness
  • Showing obsessive behaviors
  • Exhibiting socially unacceptable behaviors

If you have checked two or more categories, chances are, you may be displaying early signs of Alzheimer’s disease. But before you submit yourself to services that give Alzheimer’s care, you need to schedule an appointment with your physician.

And if ever you are diagnosed with the disease, tell your whole family so that you can make adjustment in your living and so that you can plan for the future. In case you need homecare services in Redlands California, you can always give us a call and we will accommodate you under the care of our passionate caregivers.

For more information about Alzheimer’s disease and to explore the wide variety of homecare services in Redlands California Golden Arch Home Healthcare LLCoffers, visit our website at

Keeping Your Elders Season-Safe

As the weather conditions continuously become unstable, aging bodies become more and more vulnerable to the effects each day. Especially during scorching heats of summer and harsh winter, extreme conditions may lead to various effects on the body.

Alerts are even more raised for the young and the young-at-heart and Golden Arch Home Healthcare LLC, a provider of home care services in Redlands California, is here to help. We offer you these important preventive measures to keep your elders season-safe:

  1. Stay updated

Weather reports are very useful especially with bad weather around. You can also give your elders battery-powered radios so that they can also be aware of weather updates. Consider knowing when the huge storms will arise and how much it will affect your place; from this information, you would be able to know what you are preparing for and what you can actually do.

  1. Have enough food storage

In case the power is out and communication is put down temporarily for safety concerns. They should have drinkable water, dried/canned food (w/ can opener) good for three days should be stocked in an emergency container for the bad weather. If your seniors have pets, might as well, get some stock of their food too. Make sure these are not perishable goods and that they can stay out long without refrigeration.

  1. Plan out an emergency plan

You can plan out an emergency plan with your provider of home care services in Redlands California especially for bad weather conditions that might make it difficult to get to your caregiver. It is better to have a healthcare professional assist you in the safest way possible in these difficult times.

  1. Keep in touch with a neighbor

It is better that you can also communicate with a close neighbor or relative nearby the neighborhood of your elders when weather conditions go wrong. This is very much helpful especially when emergencies arise like power blackout and they have no means of communication to contact you.

  1. Find alternative to supply medical needs

On a bad weather condition, elders are advised to stay indoors; hence, they might run out of medical supplies and food stock. If you can find companies that can deliver these at the doorstep of your elders’ house the better. You can also talk with your provider of home care services in Redlands California on how you can deal this matter.

  1. Prepare season-designed clothing

Your elderly loved ones should have the right clothing for the right season so that the weather might give lesser impact on their fragile bodies. Apparels like a scarf, gloves and tread shoes might help them stay comfortable in the winter season. Light and loose clothing can be good for summer.

We, at Golden Arch Home Healthcare LLC, are the best of the best of home care services in Redlands California! Contact our professionals today to experience how we can provide you with the quality home health care that you deserve!